JT Olson is founder and exectutive director of Both Hands Ministries, a group dedicated to serving widows in need and helping families adopt orphans. ...View Details

Pete Enns was the first guest on the Thinking God Podcast in the fall of last year and this episode in an encore presentation of our discussion. Autho...View Details

Ashley Cleveland's biography may be called "Little Black Sheep," but there is nothing small about her talent. One of the best vocalists in Nashville, ...View Details

Dr. Joel Hunter might be in a category of his own. When he announced earlier this month he was stepping down from Northland, a Church Distributed, aft...View Details

Diana Butler Bass is the author of 9 books, a highly sought-after speaker, and one of Ameria's top scholars on religion and culture. She is also artic...View Details

Vanna Fox was on her way to the mission field (as a music missionary, no less!), when her path shifted and landed her for the next 17 years on drive t...View Details

Mark Pinsky is a newspaperman, author, lecturer and insightful man. Did I mention he was a newspaperman? I mean it in the old-school, highest-complime...View Details

If, as Anne Lamott writes, laughter is the carbonated form of the Holy Spirit, Maggie Rowe is a major distributor of divine carbonation for the third ...View Details

Bill Mallonee talks about three decades of singing/sonwriting, the music business, Neil Young's "More Barn" mixing, living in the Rockies and how his ...View Details

From her bio on soulforce.org Alba Onofrio believes in abundant life and fully-embodied, loving affirmation of the spirit, thus vehemently reje...View Details

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