Bill Mallonee talks about three decades of singing/sonwriting, the music business, Neil Young's "More Barn" mixing, living in the Rockies and how his ...View Details

From her bio on Alba Onofrio believes in abundant life and fully-embodied, loving affirmation of the spirit, thus vehemently reje...View Details

Alan Bean is not the astronaut, and it's a good thing because his calling is much higher tha flying in a spaceship. Bean is executive director of Frie...View Details

He's a pastor, speaker, scholar and an author whose path to seeking God has been a winding one.  He has been called a Christian anarchist, and over th...View Details

Jennifer Knapp is a singer/songwriter, author and seminary student who takes her faith very seriously. She is also a great interview. Read more about ...View Details

Dr. Dan Allender is one of the keenest voices of the past 25 years on finding healing from sexual abuse. He also believes that to engage the life of G...View Details

Dr. Steve Brown really does not care what you think. He is not your mother, your guru or the Holy Spirit. But if you are wise, you will pay attention ...View Details

Susan Isaacs is an actress, author, and I believe the only non-animated member of the Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism, and she has...View Details

Pamela Hawkins has written more acclaimed books on the Advent season, which starts next week, than anyone in recent history. She is also a retired pas...View Details

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