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Alba Onofrio believes in abundant life and fully-embodied, loving affirmation of the spirit, thus vehemently rejects any notion of the Divine that perpetuates fear, harm, and domination of our peoples. She holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University focused on race and gender theologies of sex and sexual ethics based in queer desire. As a Southern Appalachian Latina Femme, Alba found cultural and political home in SONG (Southerners On New Ground) while working for queer liberation in the South at the intersection of race, class, culture, gender, and sexuality. Alba has also been passionate about eliminating borders en la lucha for over a decade through learning, writing, being in community, teaching English for nine years, and providing services and immigrant advocacy as the Executive Director of the largest grassroots Latino community center in North Carolina for several years after graduating from Duke University with a degree in Comparative Area Studies: Latin American-North America.  Alba is wholeheartedly dedicated to raising their amazing radical kid and eradicating shame and fear wherever found. 

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