Welcome to the Thinking God Podcast, a place where we talk about truth wisdom wherever it might be found, and today’s guest is a shining light of hope.

Natalie Wigg Stevenson is my favorite kind of theologian.

She combines the best of scholarly approach with a lively curiosity and warm personality to make challenging approaches to faith accessible.

Her book “Transgressive Devotion: Theology as Performance Art,” asks the reader to stop trying to define or describe God and instead experience making God manifest and accessible in a very real way, a prayer that takes us into and out of the unknowing.

She also embraces all of her personal spiritual experiences from her Pentecostal roots to her own fresh transformational mysticism with deep roots in theological tradition.

Natalie, who has a Master’s degrees and PhD from Vanderbilt and  a MDiv from Yale Divinity School, is a professor of contextual education and theology at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto.

Her vibe is really fine.

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